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Water for Flint!

Written by Brother Kendall Calhoun

The Chicagoland Men of Omega set out to make a difference in and around Flint, MI. Chicago Omegas collected about $3000.00 in an effort to provide clean drinking and cooking water along with baby wipes so parents could clean their small children.

2Brothers  started out in the morning and purchased 415-4 gallon water jugs, 650 cases of water (40-16 oz per case) and 30 boxes of wet wipes (10 cases, 100 wipes per box). We then headed to Hyde Park High School in Chicago, to top off the truck we had, help finish collecting water and loading it on the several trucks that were available. We asked the community to drop off water between the hours of 8-11 but when we departed for Flint people we still dropping off water! We also got word around 2 pm while on the road that people were still dropping off water. If there was any doubt about Omega’s impact on OUR community it was re-affirmed Saturday. Omega was by far the dominant force, we were directing traffic, instructing the youth on how to stack the water for easy travel, coordinating efforts for more material and overall being the Leaders that our Founders envisioned. Brothers it was truly a site to behold

Brothers having seen and talked with the residents of Flint this cannot be the only effort we are involved in. THEY REALLY NEED OUR HELP. They have to use bottled water to bathe, cook, wash clothes and brush their teeth.  The 35th District Representative Hon. Brother Steven Watkins announced a GoFundMe drive to deliver water during the State of the Fraternity Luncheon. The goal is at the minimum 1000 cases.  Do something today to make this world better for those that follow us tomorrow. BUILD THAT BRIDGE!


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