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The Pearl of the 10th District

On October 1, 1921 Sigma Chapter was chartered in Chicago as a chapter for graduates. In 1923 the fraternity decided that all graduate chapters names should have Omega at the end of them. Sigma then became Sigma Omega and has continued to be called such until the time of this writing, August 13, 2013.

The name Sigma has not been so stable and has had many travels since its original inception in Chicago. In 1923 Sigma was given to a new chapter at the University of Chicago, later in the same year Sigma Chapter became Iota Chapter. In December of that very same year 1923, Sigma was given to a new Chapter at McGill University in Montreal Quebec Canada and thus becoming the first international Chapter in the fraternity. Finally in 1961 the name Sigma was given to a newly formed chapter at Michigan State University where is currently is an active member of the fraternity.

In 1937 the fraternity formed districts. The 10th district consisted of three states, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. There were 6 chapters that made up the district, Sigma Omega 1921, Phi Chapter 1922, Iota 1923, Nu Omega 1923, Zeta Phi 1925 and Pi Psi 1929.

Sigma Omega Chapter has a rich and distinguished history both within the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and within the Chicagoland area.

Each year, the Sigma Omega Chapter gives thousands of dollars to Chicago area, college-bound, first year students. We participate in and provide many community services, such as clothing drives, and generous contributions to United Negro College Fund and NAACP. For over 90 years, Sigma Omega Chapter has provided great leadership and direction to help the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity thrive and remain viable.

Grand Basileis (2)
Grand Counselors (1)
Grand Chaplins (1)
District Representatives (5)
District Counselors (5)
District Keepers of Records & Seal (4)
District Keepers of Finance (2)
State Representatives (7)

A Proud Chapter, Rich Legacy and Limitless Future!

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